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  • Type: Content Management System
  • Base: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Genesis Date: 01/01/1999

Thinking that constantly changing static HTML websites is an awfully boring job Mathias Wollin and Martin Schuster came up with the idea of building websites dynamically from a database and an application server early in 1999. Not a very unique idea, as one knows now, as hundreds and thousands of content management systems came out not much later, and nowadays nearly every website is based on such a system. At that time nearly all (and still today some) systems suffer from an ugly and not so userfriendly interface design. Thought from the users perspective right from the start, aspekt:ratio was designed and constructed with the unexperienced website author in mind. The result is a clean, readable and user expectation conforming interface that enables people to do complicated tasks easily, even if it’s only once a year.

aspekt:ratio was built on LAMP-basis using Linux operating system, Apache webserver, MySQL Database and PHP as the application server.

Administration of website structure, texts, images and files is done by using a web browser and can be achieved without knowledge in web technologies. The output (usually in the form of a website, but a:r is also used to output to other media like print and real world installations) can be individualized to the smallest part and is adaptable to the high design quality standards we’d like to be known for at MESO Web Scapes.

Data retrieval and output for print products

Our project partner DG Medien is using aspekt:ratio with an attached PDF generation to output printable PDF-files directly from aspekt:ratio. This makes it possible to pass the content directly on to a print shop without any further conversion. The advantages of this workflow compared with static templates e.g. in MS Word are obvious. The results are of constant aesthetic quality and visual precision. The users can easily make sure they provided all necessary information without having to write numerous emails and the costs per print product edition reduce dramatically.

Projects using aspekt:ratio

ade hauser lacour corporate website
Corporate Website of the famous Frankfurt based agency using aspekt:ratio as the content management system.
architektur aktuell
Austria's most famous architecture magazine finally gets its own website.
atelier deLuxe
Bringing the delightful light installations of atelier deluxe to the internet V1
New approach for showing a photographer's website. Graphically, that is.
CMS Handbuch Fitness-Einrichtungen
Content management and online-print system used to collect data of all important german fitness studios.
CMS Handbuch Reha und Vorsorge- Einrichtungen
Content management and online-print system used to collect data of all important german reha clinics.
Their claim is "Consulting leading to Benefits" ... and thats exactly what they do.
CPF Finanzkommunikation
Website for a small startup company based in Hamburg developing marketing & public relation strategies.
An open wiki database about each and every unicode sign.
Der Kassenarzt
Website of the german magazine for physicians "Der Kassenarzt".
Designer Profile
Website with a database of more than 750 profiles of german and international design agencies.
Small startup website that is surely not about eyes at all. But seeing is believing, so see for yourself what they do. The Making of Design
Website for Germany's oldest magazin about industrial and graphic design.
Gardeners Website
Colorful and bright website for Frankfurts most creative mostly girls agency
hauser lacour corporate website
hauser lacour show us their new face: An elegant new website.
Helga Nienburg
The Munich based artist shows her recent works in a no-nonsense manner
Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
The "Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt" (museum of the state of hesse) is the state's central museum.
hfg5 Web System for HfG Offenbach
Website for the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach.
mmi Der Wissensverlag
Powerful content management system for online print production and administration of several websites.
Neues von Münchhausen
"Neues von Münchhausen - Der Ritt auf dem Seepferd" is a German children's book by Heinz Janisch, illustrated by Aljoscha Blau
Ougrapo is an archive and a workshop for "graphic design under constraints". And a Website. (2007)
Website for a German producer of connectivity and infotainment products
ten Venne, Kieseritzky und Wenzel
Website for a Frankfurt law firm of three unconventional lawyers who see their clients as people, not as clients only.
UBS Photo Field
32 monitors showing users' favorite images when presenting their personal card.
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