NODE08 – Workshops

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Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 24 00 03 33
  • Project: NODE08 – Workshops
  • Date: April 2008
  • Partner: Satis&Fy, vvvv group, markgraph, DIC, DIS, Mainova, SEB-Bank

NODE08 – Workshops

Over six days, the vvvv developers as well as a great part of the most distinguished and most obsessed vvvv users imparted their methods and techniques in a string of workshops. From absolute beginner level (zero to “Wow!” in two days) to the very advanced ones, the workshop program was widely spreaded.

Here are some highlights:

  • vvvv for Beginners
  • Lighting and Tracking Techniques
  • Shader Programming
  • Video Effects and Reactive Animation
  • vvvv Plugins
  • Microcontroller And Sensor Handling
  • Virtual Architecture and Installation Setup
  • vvvv Project Organisation
  • … and many more.

NODE08 – Forum for digital Arts / VVVV Community meeting

More than just the first large-scale vvvv user meeting

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